Love In Every Bite Cookbook

Love In Every Bite Cookbook

Love in Every Bite is chock full of yummy recipes that will yield successful results at high altitude or sea level. The author, Mama Dawn, has devised an easy, foolproof method for baking at high altitude without the hassle of guessing how to adjust the ingredients for different altitudes.


With more than 300 recipes plus Dawn’s Tips, Love in Every Bite is true to its name. Dawn has a passion for people and cooking. So every recipe has been created with the love, cooking triumphs and good food she wants you to enjoy.


Mama Dawn has been honing her baking and cooking skills for most of her life. After moving to Colorado, she condensed her cooking knowledge into this cookbook.

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    “Whenever I have any questions, I go to Dawn’s book. It is my cooking bible. She is a high-altitude guru. Love in Every Bite is the only cookbook I need."

    – Emily Elmer

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